Thank you for ordering “You Are The Placebo”

Thank you for pre-ordering Dr. Joe’s latest book “You Are the Placebo”. We know that you are going to enjoy it when it is released on April 29th 2014. We have received the details for your purchase…thank you!

We will send you a copy of your FREE audio download soon.

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9 thoughts on “Thank you for ordering “You Are The Placebo”

  1. Delighted to have pre-ordered and be receiving the audio download.

    This information I have been waiting for for many years.

  2. Reading previous books, doing meditations and hearing dr dispenza speak at unity church of the hills in Austin several times is changing my life. In other words changing my mind really has changed my life.

  3. It’s my first book as a birthday gift from my wife requested by me…lol. I love mr. Dispenze’s books, keep up the great work.

  4. Have purchased book locally and would like to download meditation files. Thanks you! We’re just starting with this and already feel it is life-changing.