Todd’s Testimonial

Todd, a veteran of two wars speaks about how he was able to regain his life again after being diagnosed with and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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3 thoughts on “Todd’s Testimonial

  1. This is a very impressive testimonial. A wonderful insight into how we can turn our life around, and respond rather than react. It’s no quick fix (nor should it be ), we learn to manage our life.
    Thank you Todd.

  2. Great testimonial about the benefits of meditation and perspective into the conscious and unconscious effects in one’s life.

  3. hello todd, I could talk forever about your comment and more related things forever. i’ll just say im happy for you and you a young man has given this 58 year old man who has has anxiety forever, hope. ive bought the book and cd’s and was also concerned about my seeming ADD issue which, like you was a concern when thinking about being able to meditate. im on chapter 3. again good for you and thanks for the testimonial.