Rose’s Testimonial

Rose describes how a car accident left her paralyzed. Learn how she managed to recover from a condition in which the only part of her body that she could move was her eyes.


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3 thoughts on “Rose’s Testimonial

  1. Wow i wish i would have known about your book when i had my car accident that made me a t4 parapalegic!

  2. It was Christmas eve day and we were going to pick up my brother flying all the way from Australia for the holidays. All the lumbar vertebrae were broken in the left side of my back following our car wreck in the snow, blizzard and wind that day. We were traveling 55 mph and flew off the road with a 50 ft. drop off the interstate backwards. I was in the back seat and took the brunt and impact of the crash. My Mother and former husband were unconscious in the front seats so I had to climb out of the car, scale the embankment to the highway and wave someone down for help. Because of my concern about my husband at the time and dear dear Mother, even the pain from my injuries was lessoned. All my organs were bleeding and I was coughing up blood. After my initial ambulance visit to the ER with my Mother and husband, I was never hospitalized and sent home. The vertebrae is not a “set” place in the body like my husbands broken clavicle could not be set in a cast because of its position. So back home, I cared for my step son even though I couldn’t move well or use my back muscles for awhile, helped bathe and dress my husband daily, since he had a broken clavicle (collar bone:) ) and I tended my Mother who was pending a coma in the hospital.
    I believe that because I was so “outside of my self” , owned my own business cutting hair which requires me to stand long hours, and I wanted to keep working, I healed faster than my Mother or husband and was back to work part time within three weeks of that wreck. I did a few stretches each day, no real physical therapy, and I rested when I got sore, but kept moving and doing daily tasks. I did not take any pain medication since I don’t like the effects of anything other than aspirin and Ibuprofen . Definitely NO NARCOTICS to make me unable to function normally mentally or physically. And I didn’t talk about the wreck or pout or feel sorry we didn’t have a great Christmas that year ! I just moved past it. Out of mind out of pain I guess. My Orthopedist Dr. said I should have been paralyzed and to this day still remarks that I am one if his more amazing patients. This is my take on mind over matter. Love you Joe! Keep on telling the world they can do it :-).

  3. So very excited for Rose and all who have the awesome privilege to attend these remarkable workshops.
    I attended last year in Balitmore and have signed up for Cabo this fall. Can’t wait..
    What an incredible gift Dr Joe and the entire team is— to bring healing and solutions for people in pain..
    Keep up the great work and see you in Cabo..

    Marianne Schoenfelder