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  1. I have been on a journey for a very long time. I am forty-eight years old and I have been ill since I was very young. I remember always having tummy issues as a child. Then when I was 17 yrs of age I was in France with a group of students and we were involved in a train accident and my best friend was killed. It seems like since that day I have never felt well. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Exhaustion, Anxiety, Food Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, you name it. I have tried traditional medicine, and holistic medicine. IV’s, hypnotherapy, energy medicine, meditation, tinctures and most drugs or supplements I take I tend to react to. I have read your book Breaking The Habit of being yourself. It seems like subconsciously my body has a mind of its own. how true. All I want is to feel better so that I may in turn help others, yet it seems I am missing a piece of the puzzle. I think of the thousands of dollars I have spend on my health to no avail and wonder when I may find the answer. Looking forward to your latest book- many thanks for writing it.

    • yours is the first story I have heard like mine… would have been without an additional 10y of mental illness keeping me paralyzed so I’ve been in a wheel chair for 7ish y. now I find i’m ready for life but-what?! I just wanted to encourage you and hope you find what you need. if you ever want a healing buddy, i’m here and willing. just comment back

    • Hi Shirley, I was just curious if you have experienced any improvements yet reading the new book You Are The Placebo. I just purchased it a few days ago and cant put it down. I am doing the new meditations daily. They are wonderful, almost a hypnosis in itself. I too have endured much of a similar story as yours and would love to know if you are improving with this. Blessings!!

  2. Having learned over the years a variety of “energy healing” techniques when my miniature schnauzer (Coco) had been on life support for several days & I was told by the head vet at the Sydney university veterinary hospital “we need to talk when I get back on Friday after my day off” I finally “got” that they didn’t expect her to live. In fact AFTERWARDS he told me they’d never really expected her to recover. I guess they were keeping her alive with the blood transfusions etc ling enough for me to “let her go”.

    That night at home, after fully realising he intended to discuss with me on Friday that Coco should be euthanised I went to pieces completely. The bond between this little dog and I, even way back then, was so strong it was unthinkable to me that she could not recover, but she was too ill to operate and to find the internal bleeding the tests revealed and she was unable to eat or drink and was vomiting and had diarreah and could not do anything but lie there she was so weak from this “toxic assault on her liver” which could not be explained or further investigated.

    After sobbing for a very long time, I just went down on my knees and prayed for her life. I made a serious promise to God that night (& I’m keeping it). After awhile a felt at peace and finally got up. As I did, I suddenly “got” this notion that I could use Coco’s giant brown teddy bear as a surrogate for EFT (known as tapping). The thought came out of seemingly nowhere. I’d been so distressed and dependant on the vets at the hospital I’d completely forgotten about my training in EFT & other energy healing modalities.

    So that night – almost ALL night, I sat with that bear and I tapped away. First clearing Coco’s fear and loneliness from this entire episode, and any sadness about her “leaving”. Then I went through her body a bit at a time. I did this in between slipping into sleep propped up by pillows in my bed with this big brown bear on my lap.

    In the morning, as they had done each day, the hospital rang me to report on Coco’s condition after her blood tests.

    Today the vet who called me was a little more cheerful than usual. He said he didn’t want to raise my hopes too much or anything, but he said “something is different”.

    I asked if they minded if I came in that day and stayed with Coco for the whole day in the ICU. He said it would be fine. So I did! I explained to the staff what I wanted to do and why and they were all accommodating although possibly thought I was a little weird 😉

    Coco was still looking the same as the previous days but was able to wag her little tail ever so slightly when she heard my voice. I opened her cage, trying not to notice the stench of vomit and diarreah mixed together, or the plastic Elizabethan collar around her head to catch the vomit, or her shaved legs and the drip attached and I soothingly and gently began tapping directly on her head and working my way through the taping points.

    After an hour or so she brightened up considerably and I was told I could have the drip removed for a little while so I could carry her outside into the gardens and sunlight.

    So I took a big blanket from my car and spread it out under the shade of a huge tree there and “talked” to Coco about her ability to heal HERSELF. That she could begin remembering that she can do this, and that it was now going to be completely up to her to get well as the vets had done all that they could. I taped through this with her too.

    Within the NEXT hour, Coco was standing up, limping along with her bandaged legs, pee-ing on bushes like a normal dog, and even playing with her favourite ball a little. She was so weak that even walking a few steps made her unable to stand up but she just got better and better at it.

    That was Thursday, I’ll never forget it. On Friday when the head vet returned from his day off he phoned me in the morning. He couldn’t BELIEVE the change in Coco since he’d last seen her on Wednesday night. Coco’s red (or white, I can never remember which!) cell count had gone from 20 to over 200 in 24 hrs and by Monday it was almost doubl that again (from memory).

    On TUESDAY morning I took Coco home – to the absolute amazement of all concerned. It took about 6-8 weeks for her to regain her full health again (& I gave her all the medications prescribed for her as well).

    I believe in miracles, and that we can heal ourselves. It’s only a matter of time before our full potential to heal ourselves becomes known. In the meantime and for as long as I live, I’ll keep working with energy for healing. Sometimes it seems to work and others not so much but it’s worth the effort to try it on EVERYTHING :).

    I have other stories about this kind of thing but this is my favourite of all. Coco is still with me – 4 years later – but went blind in December – specialists say it was caused by “an auto-immune” response which literally attacked her retinas! Unbelievable. She can’t see a single thing.

    But like I said…I believe in miracles, and energy healing – and while medicine says it just isn’t possible for Coco to ever see again…well, anything’s possible I’ve been working with Coco this last 3 months using the 2 point (from Matrix Energetics). So let’s SEE!

    With love and healing light from our hearts to yours,
    Lyn & Coco

  3. Two years ago, I had been unemployed for a long time, no health insurance and all the accompanying conditions that go with that. One morning I experienced a momentary and very serious physical condition. I do not wish to give it any attention so I do not give details anymore. I was very scared by what was happening so, I immediately sat down and began to meditate for two hours, every day. The symptoms I was experiencing disappeared within a month. I know that my continued meditation and visioning of my own perfect health; and knowing that every cell in my body is optimizing in every moment are an essential cause for my healing. Some would call this miraculous but really, it is a most normal thing, and anyone can do it!!!!!

    I have since become a Reiki master healer. I do some pranic healing and meditation is part of my life each day, kind of like breathing, and I have seen so many benefits in my life from this kind of thinking and flowing this energy in my life. Anyone who knows me hears me say often, “It doesn’t cost a thing to have a positive thought, a creative thought.”

    Thank you Dr. Joe, for letting me share this. Have admired you since “What the Bleep…. ” and “Down the Rabbit Hole”. In love and light, Sandra J

  4. My son Nic and I were exposed to black mold in a condo we lived in for 12 years. My reactions to the mold toxins increased from mild to sever over a period of 5 years until finally my Dr. Not being able to figure out what was causing my illness gave me 4-5 months to live. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, severe food sensitivities, chronic hives, heat and sunlight sensitivities, reynauds, Ibs, interstitial cystitis, asthma, ADD, chronic fatigue, confusion, memory loss, inner ear issues which caused dizziness and imbalance, vision issues, hair loss, anxiety and the list goes on…and my son had similar issues on a smaller scale. I was fed up with not being able to figure out why we were so sick and my fiancé at the time who was spending time at my house was getting sick as well so I figured it had to be environmental. I had the condo mold tested and black mold was found throughout the house and was caused by leaking pipes within the walls. I lost the condo, my job and fiancé. My son and I were basically homeless and sick, staying with various friends for about two years traveling around with what little we could bring with us, remaining sick. After watching a documentary about mold exposure (Black Mold Exposure by Michael Roland Wiliams) my son and I traveled to Texas to see a specialist who was featured in the movie with the last shread of savings and credit left on my credit cards. Michael who lives in Texas was kind enough to let my son and I stay at his house even though he had never met us before…anyway, my kiddo and I started going to the specialist for testing which took about 5-6 months to accomplish and on about the 5th month I listened to a podcast which featured Dr. Dispenza and his book Change the Habit of Being Yourself. I read his book and my son read it too…and we started doing the meditations. We also were doing a program named the Gupta amygdula retraining program but it was the combination of these two programs that put us into a positive spin! We did the meditations and retraining daily (several times a day) and after a month maybe two we were well enough to make the drive back to San Diego! It was amazing I had ordered the injections from the Drs office in Texas and was due to pick them up in a week and by the time I was suppose to pick them up we didn’t even need them anymore! And they accidently forgot to place the order so I ended up not having to pay for them and used the money for gas and travel expenses to get back to our hometown! My son was too sick to go to public school for two years and is now wrapping up his first year back in school and will start high school next year as healthy as could be! I reignited my art career and have been trying to get my job back with the school district I was employed with. We are still searching for a stable living situation and for me steady employment and my credit went to crap lol my bankruptsy is almost complete…but we have our health back and everything else is slowly but surely rebuilding :0) July 4th 2012 was the day our lives turned around, our independence day! And we are very grateful for it! Thank you Dr. Joe Dispenza for writing your books, and for the meditations, we are very excited to read this new book you have coming out and we really enjoyed the movie, What the Bleep.

    • OMG!!! I did the Gupta amygdala retraining as well and then found dr joe and the two healed me of my chronic pain! Wow! Someone else who did the same! Amazing.

    • Hi Ginger,
      Thank you for sharing your story. Would it be ok to talk/write to you? I just started the Gupta program, but I’m also wanting to incorporate Dr. Dispenza’s meditations and I’m wondering how much time you put into it everyday. I bought and received his new book but I haven’t read it yet. I don’t know if I should take time off work. I’ve struggled with chronic fatigue for the past 7 years, as well as with many other health issues. Also, was it Dr. William Rea’s clinic in Dallas that you went to? I was there 4 years ago. Would be interested in talking to you about that too.
      Please let me know if you’d be willing to talk, and I can give you my email.

  5. I awoke the other night, needing to have a B.M. & with a painful cramp in my right thigh. I knew that 1000mg of Magnesium would relieve the cramp, within a few minutes, but couldn’t get to it. I tried massaging the cramp to no avail. Then, I directed my attention to the cramp and simply thought “Magnesium 1000mg.” I had INSTANT relief from the cramp.

  6. When I was sent to see a dermatologist back in 2008 the right hand side of my neck was partially black and I had this angry looking red rash on my neck. I was very, very tired all the time. No point in talking about the pain in my body. The dermatologist ordered ANA bloods and also did two skin biopsies.

    When the results came back he told me I had reading of over 1/834 positive result and that both tests confirmed I had Lupus. He told me I had every variation of lupus except the one that you can get in your hands. Well at least I thought to myself at least I don’t have that one.

    The dermatologist was a very kind and patient doctor with me even though I chose not to take the medication that he recommended. To be honest with you, Dr Joe, the possible side effects of the medication frightened the life out of me. The dermatologist continued to monitor my bloods every three months. At least that got me over my fear of needles.

    After about nine months the dermatologist passed me over to my family doctor, also a very kind and dedicated professional. I will call my doctor by his first name, Dr Paddy. Dr Paddy has been monitoring my bloods since late 2009. The results of the ANS have been like the Irish weather, up and down.

    In 2006 I came upon a healer in England called Lorraine Wright and she has been “working on me” since then. Our healing sessions are done over the phone line every couple of months. I have had the pleasure of meeting her here in Ireland a couple of times and when she comes over to Dublin It’s always my pleasure to help her out at her workshops.

    I began my own healing journey in earnest as life was trying to get my attention and I was not listening. I had to have a hysterectomy back in 1995. I hemorrhaged after the first operation and I had to be resuscitated before been rushed back to theatre for second operation on the same day. That’s a long story but I will try and keep it short. When the nurses in the hospital got me out of bed for a visit to the bathroom I was very weak. Well here goes part of my long story; I found it impossible to pee. More hospital test followed. Six months later I had to have my left kidney removed.

    When I got home from my kidney removal I would wake up violently, screaming and gasping for air and immediately fall back to sleep. That would continue to happen up the 30 times a night. Now I was terrified to say anything to my doctor in case I needed more surgery. These night episodes continued for about four years.

    I had stayed off alcohol for 18 years to support my husband. Well, I did not want to take sleeping tablets so after the 3rd night of these disturbed sleep I started taken two cans of beer. Hello, anyone in I would ask myself. Kidney removed and I start drinking alcohol. It was odd but the alcohol would keep me asleep. The nights I did not drink the two cans of beer the night time terror would return. When they would happen I keep telling myself I was extremely healthy. I did not dwell on them the next day.

    Trying to move on my story, the part I could not understand was when some people have a memory of dying they loose all fear of death. In my case I became more fearful of death. I remember been in indescribable pain after the first operation in 1995 but because I has hemorrhaging so badly, as the transfusion was going into my body, it was leaving my body faster and the doctors could not give me anything for the pain because my blood pressing was dropping fast. It went down to 40/0. In the middle of all this commotion I looked to my right hand side and this indescribable peace flooded through me. I could see this mist rolling in to my right hand side. The mist ever so gently parted in the centre and a long corridor opened up. Wow, me Caroline having no fear of death. That’s another long story Dr Joe.

    When I began my own healing journey, taking it really seriously this time around I happen to come across a UTube video of you Dr Joe. Well the cells in my body began to tingle, like they are now, and I took notice of what you were saying. I watched loads of your UTube videos and began to use the information to break the habit of being Caroline. I purchased two of your books, Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself. I read it twice and Evolve Your Brain. I am reading this one for the third time. You Dr Joe were in England last year and I longed to go their and participate in your work shop. So close but yet so far. Alas it was not to be. So I like to think you saw me wave at you, as you flew over Ireland. Well I can use my imagination for anything I now choose. You are my hero Dr Joe.

    I began to take notice of my own thinking and become more aware of my self talk. It was not too good. I always felt I was not good enough, I felt I was a nuisance. I felt I was invisible to those around me. These were my feelings so I thought my feeling were me. The more I read and immersed myself in your books the stronger I felt myself becoming. It hit me like a bolt out of the blue one day that these feelings were part of my past. I was running old programmers in my mind. Armed with this new knowledge I began to pay attention to my self talk. Some days, more than others, I would find myself not wanting my own negative chemical fix. Then I came to realize I had the power within me to change.

    I would imagine Dr Paddy giving me the news that my blood results came back negative. I would continue to imagine my bloods filled with Divine life and flowing freely. Each time the lupus memory came up for me I would not pay it any attention but continued to imagine myself in excellent, vibrant health even though the opposite was true. I just held the vision that I wanted.

    When I came upon the line in your book, “if we could tap into this greatness inside of us”, well Dr Joe that part of your book seemed to jump out at me. I was hooked. So despite the evidence, blood results, over time I held fast to this greatness inside me.

    I got the most fantastic news from Dr Paddy about two weeks ago when he told me over the phone my bloods came back negative. It was the best negative I ever got. I asked him is this meant I was free of lupus and his response was my bloods came back negative. While he spoke I could feel this incredible joy and gratitude well up inside me. It seems to extend beyond the Universe. There was the most beautiful rainbow in the sky as I looked up and it seemed to pulsate. The colors were so vivid. Rainbows have always held a deep spiritual meaning for me through out my 60 years and have always encouraged me. I burst into happiness tears with gratitude. Dr Paddy was speechless except to say again my results were negative. Boy did I thank him.

    Forgive me please for been so long winded but it’s difficult to know where to begin, give it a middle and end to my story.

    Love and Blessing to you and all your staff.

    Caroline Revins

  7. Dear Joe,
    First of all, thank you for the super inspiring “Holland” workshop in Doorn. You are so passionate about what kind of life we all could have if we just sit down every day and create our life. Wonderful and I just know that it is the truth. It makes so much more sense then all this suffering!!!!!!
    I have suffered a lot in my life, was probably subconsciously sort of hooked to the pain.
    In april 2012 (age 48) I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage III and with suspicion of spreading in the sternum. Shock??yes! Surprised??no! Trust in the standard medical procedures, NOOO!!!! So I refused a MRI to check for metastasis (it would only make me more scared) and all the other procedures. I went out and never came back. The doctor was very rude and told me NO ONE had survived without any medical treatment. Well he missed out a lot of good books! I went to China for a month with my husband and kids to a teacher of the famous medicineless hospital. He helped me to let go (for the biggest part) of my fear. I practices Qi gong for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and 3 hrs on sunday. Back in Holland, back to fear as everyone is addressing as a complete lunatic. Changed my food drastically (vegan and lots of vegetable slow juices), did a lot of liver cleanings and still did 3 hours of qi gong each day, but had no social life as a result of the very strict diet. Last August I learned about the German medicine teachings of Dr. Hamer, who says that each disease is already a form of healing. It’s the body’s reaction to emotional conflicts. Most important is to let go of the fear and to trust life’s incredible intelligence and keep on solving all your life’s conflicts. I loosened up on my diet, which made social contacts easier, which feels wonderful. More soul searching. In the meantime 6 friends have died from cancer and it makes me feel so grateful every single day from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to sleep. But I am also in doubt and I question myself all the time, WHY is this my way, Why do I get this chance. Who told me from the beginning that this should be my path? Is there a reason? Do I need to tell others (I try to all the time, but it is so frustrating, they just don’t get it)? I never went back to the hospital or to any doctors, they scare me, there’s no trust! (my mom died of breast cancer with metastasis in the sternum, bones and liver and I saw what the chemo did to her!!!) There is still a lump in my breast, but maybe it has already been encapsulated?? In August 2012 it was totally swollen (I have pictures!) for about 10 days and it felt hot and sort of infected and then it had subsided again. Quite frightening but I kept telling to myself that it was my body trying to heal me. If I 100% subconsciously believed it uhhhh??? I followed your first workshop in feb. 2011?? and meditated for a few months, but I always found it sooo hard. I just could not get my brain to shut up. The workshop of this weekend in Holland was totally different. I was surprised, I just loved to stop the thinking and ohhhh to flow into the unknown ohhhh, but then it felt as if I would fall down, oohhh scary and I came back. Of course I loved Anouck’s story about healing herself, it gave me even more confidence that I can do this, if I haven’t done it already??? But I did not dare to come to you to share my story and that is still my biggest step to make, fearlessness towards other people (I don’t want to be frightened for what they might think of me or say to me).
    This morning’s meditation (I woke up by myself at 5.10AM and I couldn’t wait to meditate!!) was very special. I felt what it was like to let go of fear and I felt so grateful. Tears run down my cheeks. Of course I am full with questions but on the other hand I just want to 100% trust the universal intelligence. I will try to save money for Mexico or otherwise for Passedena. Today I talked so passionately about our own possibility to create our own life to five of my clients and I realized that this is the work I want to do as well especially with kids!!! So I am totally over exited and hopefully I will have the guts next time to give you a big warm hug and say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Big (safe internet haha) hug from Danie from Holland.

  8. One of the top 5 books I’ve read…I’m 50! Half way through and already putting it to use in my life. I’ve looked for answers to how amazing I am in many places and I really believe with this added knowledge I have found them….Me! Side by side with “The Power of Now” Joe NAILS IT!

  9. The website is actually for my teacher, since I do not have one of my own. I have many stories, but I have developed my conscious will over the years to immediately change any aspect of my state of being, or the whole state all around. For example, a little thing I can do no problem that kind of came naturally as a “side-effect” it seems, is my ability to control my blood pressure, temperature, pain/pleasure, or silence/still my mind completely in an instant for whatever period of time. These all came naturally simply through my journey of awakening through research/experience and some practice for almost a decade now. It can be done! And, there’s a lot more to tell! Thank you Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Good Luck to everyone on here. I now know for a fact that you CAN do it! with Love, Mike

  10. Last year I was diagnosed with acromegaly. On May 28, 2013, the neurosurgeon performed a partial transnasal-transphenoidal adenectomy to remove a 2.5cm growth hormone secreting tumor from my pituitary gland. The surgeon said that the remaining tumor was too close to the carotid artery to remove it. He gave me some options. I could either try to have a craniotomy to get at it from a different angle and remove it; but he didn’t think that would be effective either. His suggestion was to get radiation three months postop and then get medical treatment until I found out if the radiation worked or not…which could take a couple of years. In the meantime, the radiation could destroy the functioning of the entire pituitary gland making me reliant on hormone replacement therapy the rest of my life. Neither of his options sounded good to me. I know I can cure myself. I don’t need surgery to remove the rest of the tumor. I don’t need drugs. I know I created the tumor and disease from being in a negative state of mind; and if that’s so, I can make the tumor dissolve and reverse the disease. I know I can. Because of this deep feeling that I know I can cure myself, I have refused all medical treatment and am not under the care of any doctor. I believe they are ignorant in that they are misinforming me on all options available to cure myself. I’ve been practicing meditation for the last year, avoiding negative people when I can, and trying my best to be positive, kind, and grateful as much as possible. I believe it’s imperative to keep my emotional state in check at all times in order to heal. After I read You Are the Placebo and regularly practice the techniques Dr Joe describes, I will get a follow up MRI with lab work to reveal a “spontaneous remission” of the disease. Mark my words. The healing has begun.

  11. Hello, my name is Nancy. Through prayer and faith, I was healed and continue to live a healthy life without pain or meds. I had major back surgery and was expected to have severe back problems which included being partially paralyzed. Through prayer & faith I walked out the hospital like I said I would. I continue to live a life without back pain. Two years later I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. I went through chemo and a year an a half later developed stage 3 breast cancer and was spreading fast. Through prayer and faith I survived and I am 10 years free. However the radiation took a toll on my left lung and I developed fibrosis in the lower part of my lung. Even though I still have it, it remains quiet without inflammation. The inflammation was caused by Lupus which also took a toll on my hair and skin. Through prayer and my abiding faith in God it’s all in remission. I no longer need meds as I can trust in my own healing. I am in my late fifties and I look 10 years younger. I am healthy and strong. I am a miracle because of my believe in God. God has answered my prayers and I am forever grateful.

  12. I am a retired Family Doctor. I was diagnosed six weeks ago with Giant Cell Arteritis and started on 60 mg of predisnone daily. At the same time, my wife and I read youaretheplacebo, and started daily meditations. We find this book to be one of the most inspirational we have ever read. I have three essays I would l want to send you- “The Trauma of War”, “A Meditative Experience” and “Faith and the Universal Consciousness”. We believe your findings and your philosophy need to be widely disseminated.

  13. A friend of mine is going through the book right now. She has a diagnosis of mileo fibrosis. She is a very positive, upbeat person. Devoted to her spiritual growth.
    I have very severe depression, tried to commit suicide on a few occasions, severe anxiety. I feel like I am losing my mind. Every day, almost every moment is terribly challenging. I feel that I was given a message to believe in divine power and taper off my meds. That this trust will prove to me that I can completely heal and overcome this disorder of the brain and my friends and family will see the transformation and I can share it with anyone who needs to hear my healing story. I look forward to reading this book. Thanks!

  14. Hello,
    I’m not quite sure where to begin. I have not yet read any of the books by Joe Dispenza, having only recently heard of him. I wish I had an inspirational story to share, but alas, I do not. There might have been a time in my life where I was like a sponge for such profound information, but this past year has been the most difficult and I have lost will. Will to live, will to survive, will to get healthy. I have suffered with a complexity of mental dis-orders throughout my lifetime of 46 years. I have been labeled and medically treated (traditional and holistic) for Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and surely others I have forgotten the names of. I have fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, and rheumatoid arthritis. I can’t remember a time in my life where I did not ponder, and sometimes plan, my suicide. This past year, I was admitted into a psychiatric care facility on a mandatory hold because I was planning to drive my car up into the mountains, take a handful of sleeping pills (just to go to sleep) and plug the exhaust of my car. I was compelled to drive to the emergency room instead, as I cried uncontrollably. I was admitted, I was put on 3 different medications right away, and I was sent home 3 days later, reluctantly, so that I could attend my youngest daughters high school graduation. I started therapy, medications were changed a few times, and I tried to get better. I tried meditation, I practiced mindfulness techniques, and I tried to rethink. I tried to NOT think. I tried to think in new ways. Nearly a year later, I am still wishing I could just be dead from this life. I imagine when and how, and I imagine the relief, finally. This life has been such a torment, and I don’t see how it can feel better, ever again. I think I don’t care to live anymore. I feel as though my soul is ready to depart. It feels like a spiritual thing. It feels as if part of me is already gone. This journey has been exhausting. I’ve survived childhood rape, molestation, mental and physical abuse. I survived foster care. I survived being a single mother. It has been a very lonely journey. I want to read the books, but I am struggling to find the will to live. Simply.

  15. Is there a talking book Version, that I can buy?
    My Nephew is in ICU in a coma in Cape Town South Africa. Please advise if there is a talking book out and how would I be able to purchase it

    Blessings and appreciation
    For your prompt reply
    Kind wishes
    Annie Krige

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  16. I struggled with debilitating panic and anxiety attacks back in 1975. At that time I went to several doctors who just wanted to medicate me and call it a day. But Irefused. Somewhere in my mind I knew that if Icreated these attacks I can uncreate them. That is exactly what I said to myself. Sandi, you created this disorder you can uncreate them. Thats when my real work began. I started to read books such as You Can Heal Youe Life by Lousie Hay ( that book was my bible) Susan Jeffers Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. My book list is endless but I just want to name a couple.
    I began journaling, doing vision boards and looking at my diet which at that time was horrific. I changed my eating habits to a cleaner healthier way of eating. I started meditating every morning at 4:00 a.m. ( I still do it to this day at 4:00 a.m. Some habits are worthwhile keeping) I also started exercising and Lo and Behold the panic and anxiety attacks dissipated over a couple of years. But I was relentless! And it paid off. BIG!!!
    I changed my career to a health – life and fitness coach and wrote a book called FITNEVISION – Creating Your Lifestyle Vision Starting From The Inside Out.
    FITNEVISION was my story and what I did to overcome panic and anxiety without meds!
    I now do EFT ( energy freedom technique) and recently got turned on too Dr. Joe Dispensa’s books and I listen to his videos daily. I also do the Placebo Meditation at night before bed.
    I look forward to becoming bigger than myself and achieving 2 more goals that I am relentless once again about achieving. Its not if its when those goals all be realized. Cant wait.
    Thank you Dr Joe Dispensa. You are brilliant and am so glad you have entered my life through books, videos and meditations. Would love to meet you and have a conversation with you someday.

  17. I am a psychotherapist looking for testamonials from individuals who have use Joe’s model to transcend psychotic experiences, depressive disorders, phobias, etc I have viewed many youttube videos, read Joe’s books. I find the material very effective and useful in my work with may who are receptive to the material and testamonials of others

    Mark Hunyar, MCS, LCSW