Sonia Choquettte

choquette“You Are the Placebo is a must-read for anyone who wants to experience optimal health, mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Joe Dispenza dispels the myth that our health is out of our control and restores to us our power and right to expect wonderful health and well-being throughout our lives by showing us the way to create it. To read this book is to subscribe to the absolute best health insurance available in the world.”

 — Sonia Choquettte, six-sensory consultant and New York Times best-selling author of The Answer Is Simple

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One thought on “Sonia Choquettte

  1. Oh how excited I am to read this book. I’ve just watched Dr Joe’s TED talk on ‘Thinking to Doing to Being’ and it blew my mind away or should I say brains, three of them. I’ve actually physically and mentally been doing what he describes. It took years and years of practice but the challenging continuous work is definitely worth it. I wasn’t even aware there was scientific study on this, it was done naturally through my own subconscious of the knowledge I’ve learnt over 26 years. I had no idea that what I was practicing would result in how I feel now in the present. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe I would be healed from the many traumatic experiences spanning over a 20 year experience but I can honestly say that today I feel peace, much love and utmost content with lust for life and, especially, learning. This are the kinds of feelings that have visited and stayed the majority of the past few years. How I feel within my soul now is complete serenity and whenever new ‘old hurtful memories’ arise, I know how to process them and transform the thought patterns and embody the knowledge. Absolutely, I agree with Dr Joe that this practice is ‘a skill’ and I’m finding myself feeling proud that I can express that I’ve already activated my cerebellum, a new fact I’ve learnt just today. ‘You Are the Placebo’ is on order and I’m looking forward to learning more. – T