Connie Re-unites Her Family Through Love and Creating a New Future

Connie speaks about the remarkable changes that happened in her life after the Advanced Workshop in Colorado in 2013. Through love and the embracing of a new future, Connie heals a deep rift in her family, heals old wounds and re-unites her family. Hear her story below:

Todd’s Testimonial

Todd, a veteran of two wars speaks about how he was able to regain his life again after being diagnosed with and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Sally and Michael’s Testimonials

Both Sally and Michael attended Dr. Joe’s Advanced Retreat in Colorado in July of 2013. Sally speaks about her work with Dr. Joe in healing a condition of bone loss for which she is now totally healed.

Michael speaks about his challenge to overcome Prostate Cancer. He also speaks about how through following Dr. Joe’s work, he has managed to regain mobility again in his hands after suffering from an arthritic-type condition.