Rose’s Testimonial

Rose describes how a car accident left her paralyzed. Learn how she managed to recover from a condition in which the only part of her body that she could move was her eyes.


Andrew Saves His Dog – By Thought Alone!

All of the professionals wanted to amputate the leg of his beloved dog. Andrew said NO and then proceeded to rewrite the dog’s future. Listen to his story!

Kayla Cures Her Daughter of Serious Food Allergies

Chloe was suffering from serious food allergies that caused a severe skin condition.  Hear the story of how her mother Kayla applied Dr. Joe’s techniques in order to help her daughter.


Guillermo Cures Himself From Cancer

Guillermo speaks about his experience of curing himself from a Pituitary Cancer at
Dr. Joe’s Advanced Workshop in Colorado in July 2013. Hear his story!


Alice Heals Herself From a Painful Condition

Alice heals herself from painful Uterine Fibrosis at Dr. Joe’s
Colorado Advanced Workshop in July 2013. 

Listen to her complete story here:

Foreword to You Are The Placebo

dawson_churchDawson Church, Ph.D. Author of The Genie in Your Genes

Like most of his fans, I look forward to Joe Dispenza’s provocative ideas with relish. Combining solid scientific evidence with stimulating insights, Joe stretches the horizons of the possible by extending the boundaries of the known. He takes science more seriously than most scientists, and in this fascinating book, he ex- trapolates the most recent discoveries in epigenetics, neural plasticity, and psychoneuroimmunology to their logical conclusion.

That conclusion is an exciting one: You, and every other human being, are shaping your brain and body by the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the intentions you hold, and the transcendental states you experience. You Are the Placebo invites you to harness this knowledge to create a new body and new life for yourself.

This isn’t a metaphysical proposition. Joe explains each link in the chain of causality that starts with a thought and ends with a biological fact, such as an increase in the number of stem cells or immunity-conferring protein molecules circulating in your bloodstream.

The book starts with Joe’s account of an accident that shat- tered six of the vertebrae of his spine. Suddenly, in extremis, he was confronted with the necessity of putting into practice what he believed in theory: that our bodies possess an innate intelligence that includes miraculous healing power. The discipline he brought to the process of visualizing his spinal column rebuilding itself is a story of inspiration and determination.

We’re all inspired by such stories of spontaneous remission and “miraculous” healing, yet what Joe shows us in this book is that we are all capable of experiencing such healing miracles. Re- newal is built into the very fabric of our bodies, and degeneration and disease are the exception, not the norm.

Once we understand how our bodies renew themselves, we can start to harness these physiological processes intentionally, directing the hormones our cells synthesize, the proteins they build, the neurotransmitters they produce, and the neural path- ways through which they send signals. Rather than possessing a static anatomy, our bodies are seething with change, moment by moment. Our brains are on the boil, teeming with the creation and destruction of neural connections in every second. Joe teach- es us that we can steer this process with intention, assuming the powerful position of driver of the vehicle, rather than the passive role of passenger.

The discovery that the number of connections in a neural bundle can double with repeat stimulation revolutionized biology in the 1990s. It earned its discoverer, the neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel, a Nobel Prize. Kandel later found that if we don’t use neu- ral connections, they begin to shrink in just three weeks. In this way, we can reshape our brains via the signals we pass through our neural network.

In the same decade that Kandel and others measured neuro- plasticity, other scientists discovered that few of our genes are stat- ic. The majority of genes (estimates range from 75 to 85 percent) are turned off and on by signals from our environment, including the environment of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we cul- tivate in our brains. One class of these genes, the immediate early genes (IEGs), takes only three seconds to reach peak expression. IEGs are often regulatory genes, controlling the expression of hun- dreds of other genes and thousands of other proteins at remote sites in our bodies. That kind of pervasive and rapid change is a plausible explanation for some of the radical healings you’ll read about in these pages.

Joe is one of the few science writers to fully grasp the role of emotion in transformation. Negative emotion may literally be an addiction to high levels of our own stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline. Both these stress hormones and relaxation hor- mones like DHEA and oxytocin have set points, which explains why we feel uncomfortable in our skin when we think thoughts or countenance beliefs that drive our hormonal balance outside of that comfort zone. This idea is at the very frontier of the scientific understanding of addictions and cravings.

By changing your internal state, you can change your exter- nal reality. Joe masterfully explains the chain of events that starts with intentions originating in the frontal lobe of your brain and then translating into chemical messengers, called neuropeptides, that send signals throughout your body, turning genetic switches on or off. Some of these chemicals, like oxytocin, the “cuddle hor- mone” that’s stimulated by touch, are associated with feelings of love and trust. With practice, you can learn to quickly adjust your set points for stress hormones and healing hormones.

The notion that you can heal yourself by simply translating thought into emotion might sound astounding at first. Not even Joe expected the results he began to observe in participants at- tending his workshops when they fully applied these ideas: spon- taneous remission of tumors, wheelchair-bound patients walking, and migraines disappearing. With the openhearted delight and open-minded experimentation of a child at play, Joe began to push the envelope, wondering just how fast radical healing might occur if people applied the body’s placebo effect with complete conviction. Hence, the title You Are the Placebo reflects the fact that it’s your own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are generating chains of physiological events in your body.

At times, you will feel uncomfortable reading this book. But read on. That discomfort is just your old self, protesting the inevi- tability of transformative change, and your hormonal set points being disturbed. Joe reassures us that those feelings of discomfort may simply be the biological sensation of the dissolution of the old self.

Most of us won’t have the time or inclination to understand these complex biological processes. Here’s where this book pro- vides a great service. Joe digs deep into the science behind these changes to present them in an understandable and digestible way. He does the heavy lifting behind the scenes in order to present el- egant and simple explanations. Using analogies and case histories, he demonstrates exactly how we can apply these discoveries in our daily lives and illustrates the dramatic breakthroughs in health experienced by those who take them seriously.

A new generation of researchers has coined a term for the practice Joe outlines: self-directed neuroplasticity (or SDN). The idea behind the term is that we direct the formation of new neural pathways and the destruction of old ones through the quality of the experiences we cultivate. I believe that SDN will become one of the most potent concepts in personal transformation and neu- robiology for the coming generation, and this book will be at the forefront of that movement.

In the meditation exercises in Part II of this book, metaphysics moves into concrete manifestation. You can do these meditations yourself easily, experiencing firsthand the expanded possibilities of being your own placebo. The goal here is to change your beliefs and perceptions about your life at a biological level so that you are, in essence, loving a new future into concrete material existence.

So embark on this enchanted journey that will expand your horizons of the possible and challenge you to embrace a radically higher level of healing and functioning. You have nothing to lose by throwing yourself enthusiastically into the process and dump- ing the thoughts, feelings, and biological set points that have limited your past. Believe in your ability to realize your highest potential and take inspired action, and you will become the pla- cebo that creates a happy and healthy future for yourself and for our planet.

— Dawson Church, Ph.D. Author of The Genie in Your Genes



Leslie’s Healing

When I left the Level 2 workshop in Seattle on Sunday (June 5th) I knew that I had definitely shifted. What has occurred since then has blown me away by the sheer magnitude and speed of its manifestation.

I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive MS in September 2008. This was after 9 years of staying away from doctors, 14 years of on and off again symptoms, a near fatal illness at the beginning of 2008, etc. etc. By this time I was rapidly progressive, losing mobility and mental capacity very quickly. My brain and spinal column from top to bottom were riddled with demyelination according to the MRI’s. When I became bedridden in January 2009 I decided that I wanted to be able to stand, walk, and maintain my independence and so I set the intention to slow down progression with my goal being to stop it. By early 2010 I had slowed down progression. By early 2011 I had stopped it. Now my goal was to reverse the damage I had done to my body.

My own knowledge of neuroscience, and neuro-plasticity specifically, told me that it is possible to change the brain. I also knew that neurologists generally believe that although the brain is neuro-plastic, the spinal column is not. I disagree and know that if all other cells can change in the body, why not the spinal column! I just didn’t know how and held the vision in my mind, knowing the ‘how’ would unfold.

I knew of Dr. Joe from What the Bleep and had bought the seminar DVD Evolve Your Brain, from which I knew he presented in the Pacific Northwest.

Enter Dr. Joe and Level 1 in Vancouver. Level 1 gave me what I felt was the key. I followed the guided meditation. Time was often at a premium so I incorporated a shortened version where I took myself through the process after yoga instead of my usual meditation. I have played in the quantum field, but never ‘used’ it in this way.

Change was happening. Signs were many, and all incredible to contemplate from the logical, thinking brain.

On the Wednesday before we left for Seattle, my mobility scooter, which I have been dependent on for over 2 years to get around when I don’t have someone’s arm to hold, or when I can’t walk at all, gets a flat tire while I am out. I am feeling stressed and frustrated because I have things to do on Thursday before we leave town and I know I can’t get it fixed before I leave. How am I going to get around? My thought’ how can this be a sign that ‘you’ are here with me, walking this path of change’ HUGE change’ a place of risk and vulnerability?! How?! I let it go resolving to deal with it when I get back, and in the meantime get people to help me’

Enter Level 2 in Seattle. The shift starts immediately, Friday night’ shift. Saturday’ more shift. Sunday’ oh yeah, this is changing’ the meditation’ profound!!! I get up to collect my heart, leaving my cane (and someone’s arm for support) behind. The words ‘you can’t get up as the same person’ firmly etched in my auditory cortex. I knew I wasn’t. Interestingly, I got back to our hotel room and realize that I don’t have my heart with me. A quick return to the workshop room’ it’s not there either. I guess I don’t need it.

Monday, I walk with my husband (who was also at Level 2 in Seattle). I notice that I have less dependence on my cane. I walk for part of a block on my own’ unexpected’ ‘just happened’ ‘ something I haven’t done for 3+ years. I feel an incredible ‘buzz’. Wow, I think. Thank you.

Tuesday, I go to the pool with my daughter. The lift into the pool isn’t working so I decide that I can walk down the stairs (stairs have been a hurdle, at times a full blown barrier). As I go down the stairs I notice that I can feel the coolness of the water on my ankles and below the knee. I have had virtually no sensation below the knee, my feet particularly since 1998. The ‘buzz’ continues. WOW. Thank you.

I ‘get’ that maybe my flat tire is a sign that I won’t need my mobility scooter for much longer. Later that day I walk up a flight of stairs, both legs lifting to do so. Until this time, I have had to rely on and assist my right leg on higher risers, and drag my left leg up behind’ not Tuesday! I feel like it is my birthday. I have been receiving gifts all day both in my body and from others. WOW!

Wednesday, doing yoga I notice I am lifting my legs without using my hand to assist so I decide ‘ Let’s see if’ and I start lifting my legs, moving my feet, wiggling my toes. I am doing things that I haven’t been able to do for years. There is stiffness in the joints’ to be expected after not being moved for so long’ Wow, they still work! I even did ‘tree’ pose with my foot off the ground! I am filled with awe, with joy, with gratitude. As I continue my practice, tears come in waves. I have an overwhelming feeling of power, of possibility, that I CAN do anything’. that ANYTHING is possible. I call my husband to share and as I speak, words fail me. I am so deeply humbled.

As the day continued I walk with noone’s assistance, I climb onto boxes, I try out my new body. It is awesome! WOW. THANK YOU!

MS has empowered me, bringing me to a complete stop, slowing me down, challenging me to be more than I ever thought I could be, do more than I ever thought I could do, to live in the now! I always joked that although I intended to pursue a career, and didn’t, in neurology and neuroscience, which is my passion, I never expected to be a study in neurology. To see the brain from inside my own body, experience its power, is incredible.

What happened in Seattle? I changed my mind ‘ literally and figuratively! I am on a journey to live in the highest manifestation of self, living my greatness, whole, complete, worthy ‘ and my body is back on this ride with me.

I knew that this would happen I just didn’t expect it to be so quick!

Feeling that I am in another dimension and ‘need’ to ground I have closed my eyes and felt immense joy, love, and gratitude several times a day, however I haven’t actually done any of the guided meditations since Sunday. One weekend ‘ powerful ‘ daily, weekly, even monthly ‘ quantum powered’ the possibilities endless! And, yes ‘ the hardest part is making the time, committing to yourself, and meaning what you say with every cell of your body!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for revealing me to me, for showing me where to find the key. I am so worth it! And, I say that with awe, humility, absolutely inspired by creation.

In deepest love, joy, and gratitude

Leslie P. – Canada

Zia Beats Her Food Sensitivities

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s new book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, is the ultimate guide to uncovering your deepest subconscious beliefs. Many previous books have offered to help you do the same and during the last forty years, I have read most of them. However, Dr. Dispenza also provides clear and easy steps to reprogram the subconscious and rid the body of old patterns forever! I kid you not.

I have personally been working with his program, through the use of the suggestions in his book, for the last four weeks with extraordinary results. One small example; I have had erratic and mysterious food sensitivities for about 15 years causing everything from IBS and acid reflux to horrendous abdominal bloating. All symptoms are gone. I have been eating wheat, dairy, eggs, pizza, and everything else for three weeks! Just imagine, if you can affect the response and function of your internal organs with thought, how might you be able to affect your genes?

Thinking to grow young is easier than ever! I love it

Zia W ‘ San Francisco Fountain of Youth Examiner

Porter’s Healing

Porter ended up in a wheelchair after a car accident years ago and was told he would be a quadriplegic and never be able to walk again (among other things).porter

Porter is determined that he will walk again, and is supported by his own mental attitude, his family, friends and energy healer Jill Runnion. Already Porter now has the use of the upper part of his body and arms, so he is presently a paraplegic (not quadriplegic). Through a combination of tremendous will, openness to exploring alternative techniques and his dedication to understanding the brain, neuroscience and how he can heal his body, Porter shared this video of him standing for the first time, in August 2010. Porter is a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, and has completed the Level 1 and Level 2 workshops ‘ Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and has been actively applying the knowledge and techniques he has learned in his life, and is seeing tremendous results. Click Here to View

Porter Update April 2014

Porter has continued to make great progress on his road to complete recovery.  We thought that you would love to see some recent home movies taken of Porter now.

Congratulations Porter – You are an inspiration to us all!

Porter Update Movie 1

Porter Update Movie 2

Porter Image

This is a picture of the Old Porter directly after his accident









Alejandra K’s Healing

I have been doing your work now for about a year. I attended the first workshop in Kripalu and then did two Level 2 workshops, one in Colorado and one in Washington. I also listen to the monthly classes, or download them if I am unable to attend the live class. I will also attend the Level 3 in Colorado in a couple of weeks’ time. I have been pretty consistent with the work. I do the meditations daily, usually take about one hour, but very often I can spend two o three hours in this wonderful practice. I sometimes go from one meditation to the next to the next to the next (from level 2 tapes).

You have asked about receiving stories of success with the work and here is mine. I am so eternally grateful, words fail entirely to express the difference this work has done in me and my life.

When I started I had been diagnosed with severe mitral valve prolapse and regurgitation. I was told I needed to get open heart surgery to replace the valve. I was also diagnosed with lupus. I was a mess. I couldn’t sleep for months, my nervous system was shattered and I had no idea why. I had hit a wall.

My practice has been A Course in Miracles for many years now. I also had lived in an ashram for quite a few years, so I knew how to meditate. I have been living a pretty ascetic life for most of my life, or basically, dedicated to service to God and extending the change in frequency across the planet. It has been my life calling since I was 17 years old. I am now 50. For some reason I was not able to heal it myself, I was stuck and somehow I was aware I needed to go into the mind of the cells to be able to do so, but I had no idea how, so I asked for help internally. The next day I stumbled upon your web page and to tell you the truth, I have no idea how’ but I remembered your face from What the Bleep. I immediately knew this was the response to my prayers. I went to the first workshop I could sign up for. It was in Kripalu.

So, now, about a year later this is the news:
My lupus is gone, nada’finito

My mitral valve prolapse is still there, but I can feel the regurgitation is a LOT less. The last eco cardiogram I had showed that the regurgitation had gone down from severe to mild.

Now, that NEVER happens, according to the doctors. The truth is I don’t worry about it’ my energy has changed so much that I know it will be all right if I continue focusing my mind thru the practice on becoming someone else, going beyond the body, the environment and time.

I FEEEL FANTASTIC’ I cannot even begin to express how amazing I feel.

The other thing is that my husband and I were renting this condo that we both absolutely love. It is by the river, with a spectacular view’ just perfect. The owner was selling it but we did not have the down payment and were not even sure we would qualify for a loan after the big recession. I was working on opening up for completely new opportunities, as you say in the meditation, and out the blue, the owner offers to sell the place to us with NO down payment, NO bank, just between us and her. She wanted us to make the decision in 5 days, by December 31st, so she could declare it as a loss in taxes, or something like that. She did everything she could to make it work for us. And in 5 days we bought it. Just perfect. We now pay the same we were paying before in rent, only now it’s ours!

The same week this happens: my husband John (he has been to level 1 and 2 now) loves tennis, but where we live in the winter there are no places in the area to play tennis. There is only one place that is a condominium type club, time share sort of place, so you had to be invited by an owner to be able to play there. There is this older man with whom John started to play regularly that has a time share there. Out of the blue, we get a phone call from his lawyer saying this gentleman not only wanted to put John in his will (he has leukaemia, although you can’t tell, he is an amazing tennis player) but also add him as an owner of the time share, so he can play tennis whenever he wants!!! So now John has a place to play whenever he wants, winter or summer, AND we have, I think, 1 week use of the condo (we haven even checked!)

Another thing is that I teach A Course in Miracles around the world and my teaching has been absolutely out of this world lately! During my meditations I have been working on opening ‘the channels’ of communication, through disappearing in the quantum field. I other words, I am aware that there is more healing that occurs if I don’t use anything from the past during the teaching but open up to a completely present flow of information. I know this happens if I practice disappearing regularly into a full presence of myself out of time. So lately, my teachings have had this flow of clarity of thought and expression that is not of me and I find myself hearing myself (!) in a way that is completely new and unexpected. My interest primarily is in experiencing a broader level on universal mind and it is indeed happening. You call it mystical experiences in your teachings. Well, they are happening. There are so many different little things that I wouldn’t know where to begin. These are very indescribable experiences. Of course, sometimes these are the hardest to describe as feedback because they are so powerful but so personal in that they are purely internal moments of expansion and awareness of a deep whole, loving communication with Creation and Creator and myself as an integral part of that Whole reality that takes place.

There is this one last little story of something that happened when I first got back from Kripalu. You might get a kick out of it’ I was doing my meditations every day, twice a day, but was not having any feedback. I could feel things changing but I hadn’t had anything ‘dramatic’ happen in terms of feedback. Primarily, I guessed, because I don’t really ask for money or success, or things like that. MIND is my interest. Returning to Source is my passion. So I sort of ‘demanded’ to have a physical feedback that I was indeed contacting my Source. Well, the next thing that happens a few hours later is that I am standing with a friend of mine who needed some help and some advice. We were talking about what was going on with him when suddenly we both became pretty quiet, just sort of being together, opening up to silence and love. Suddenly this joy, love, extasis, playfulness, came rushing down on us, we were both in it’ and we were both in this complete whole ‘bubble’ of light. I was pretty aware there was ‘something/someone’ with us. The idea of angels even crossed my mind’ Now I am pretty used to having these sort of moments. I live for them. I am pretty open energetically to perceive stuff around me, but what happened next is what blew my mind, because I had asked for a PHYSICAL feedback of a spiritual experience: suddenly, out of the blue there was a little white feather just sort of flowing and floating between us’ it was this sweet, pure white feather, out of thin air’ I KNEW this was the response I had asked. There is no way of telling you how I knew, but I knew… all I could feel was gratitude.

The funny thing is that now when I tell it to you it does not sound like such a big deal. It is always hard for me to describe the experience because I am aware that the description of the experience is not what the experience is’ but I know you love to receive news of stuff that happens to us, therefore I really wanted to share all of this with you as a way of saying thank you’. so there you have it’

I love you and I feel honored and grateful to be sharing this path with you. You are a great teacher and a wonderful guide. I will see you in the Level 3 in Colorado!

May your sojourn be nursed by angels, cherished by the Whole Spirit of Life and protected by God Himself.

Alejandra K. ‘ Wisconsin